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 only u can love me this way
~well , i know there's a reason....
Nd i know ,there's a rhyme.
We were meant to be 2gether.
Thats why ?....
We can roll wth the punches.
We can stroll hand in hand.
Nd when I say its 4ev3r.
Ur understand ??...
Thats Ur always in my heart.
Ur alwyz on my mind.
N , when it all bec0mes too much.
Ur never far behind.
N , there's no 1 that comes cl0se 2 u could ever take ur place.
Coz only u cn love me ths way.
I could've turned a different corner.
I could've g0ne.
Another place.
But i had a never had this feeling that i feel a day.
S0me b0dy luph u.
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