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Guest: gnsaypykq (17.06.2012 / 00:56)
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Guest: nmodyj (16.06.2012 / 19:26)
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Guest: Venon (16.06.2012 / 14:23)
Interesting form. Some observations – shdeolurs stiff in some postures; movements rely on biomechanical rather than intention; balance not controlled by mind but rely on physical transference of weight – just observe the wide shifting of his COG whenever he moves, wrist and ankle stiff; lack stillness in movement, substantial / insubstantial not differentiated properly, etc. – but that’s me. Maybe I’m wrong in my comments TCC is TCC – no big, middle or small except in the mind
Guest: Joyce (16.06.2012 / 12:32)
Kimberly is right. Of course we didn't to it when we moved as at that point we coludn't spell organization, much less exhibit it, but when we were moved by professionals that is exactly what they did.Of course, some boxes were labeled kitchen supplies, but had my unemptied bathroom trash can in it. Oh, well. At least I didn't have to pack it that time!
Guest: Hets (15.06.2012 / 15:52)
Guest: eqjaidgvmdj (15.06.2012 / 13:05)
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Guest: fcyoxnujr (14.06.2012 / 16:00)
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Guest: Danilo (14.06.2012 / 12:24)
Hey I know this is probably done to death but check my ceannhl out I am going to (as of Friday) put out 2 league of legends videos weekly along with indie games and even poke in for you fans of a great franchise. So again check me out and maybe one day I could even record with colby. Probably never going to happen though
Guest: Antinia (14.06.2012 / 07:18)
Du e4r inte dum alls!Jag tolkar orden som att vi alltff6r ofta he5ller till godo med ne5got se4mre e4n vi eggetlinen skulle kunna fe5. Men om vi stre4cker pe5 oss och se4ger att jag e4r ve4rd ne5got be4ttre, se5 blir det be4ttre.I vart fall i den be4sta av ve4rldar ;)
Guest: Giovanni (14.06.2012 / 07:14)
How very pertinent that last quoeitsn is! Having moved about a dozen times in the space of six years, I have one, count it, just one, moving tip for you.Numbered boxes. Yup. Such a blessing. We put a number on each box, then put that number on a spreadsheet. In the column next to the number we put a vague idea of what was in the box, listing important items, etc It made unpacking soooo easy! Where's the shower curtain? Box #23. Where's the DVD player? Box #7. Highly recommend it! Good luck! So happy you can see the end of this coming!
Guest: Kate (14.06.2012 / 07:00)
Your's is a point of view where real itnellgience shines through.
Guest: Safar (14.06.2012 / 06:30)
waa ini lagu emang bagus, pelem na Music & Lyrics juga bagus, jalan critanya enak gitu dionnttonya. apalagi yang maen hugh grant,,pakarna pelem2 romantic comedy,,hehebtw,makasih pak buat info na, bener2 precious buat newbie kek sayah,,ini lagi liat2 forum wp id ne
Guest: juniior (07.06.2012 / 22:28)
Guest: Jhoni (07.06.2012 / 00:35)
Forum kyk kuburan, nipu pula org yg sdg onlen..
 М abeh [Off] (05.06.2012 / 06:43)
siap ada,
 М DSafwa [Off] (04.06.2012 / 11:55)
 Newbie :newbie
 М Pretel [Off] (29.05.2012 / 13:44)
 :becak nunggu pasien
 М jinxs_olenter [Off] (21.05.2012 / 15:13)
Hadir pak
Guest: Pinoy (20.05.2012 / 20:06)
join ###
 М Gunzdick (Adm) [Off] (16.05.2012 / 18:29)
 N e b i e w P C
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